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Corporate Planning is a process of formulating a detailed action plan in order to achieve the organization's goals taking into account its resources and work environment. It involves a formal structured approach to achieve the desired objectives. Success of the Corporate Planning depends on the SWOT analysis i.e. analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the organization & opportunities and threats of the environment it works in.

With its Corporate Advisory services ARK aims to achieve the following for its clients-
• Optimizing the cost of overall budgeting process
• Reduce the time involved to complete the budgeting cycle
• Improve data integrity and security
• To record actual business data based on resulting value, capital worth and performance cost
• Providing Budgeting solutions for effective money management
• Monitoring and optimization of cash flows
• Identification of measures to balance the outflows in order to achieve the Corporate objective in alignment with the available resources of the organization.

Under the gamut of Advisory Services ,ARK also provides MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES to its clients. Management Consultancy is the practice of helping and guiding the organizations to improve their working and performance .The consultancy starts primarily by studying the organization in its present stage of operations.This basic study is extremely essential to move further. Without knowing the organization no management consultancy process can start. After analyzing the existing organizational problems, the plans for improvement, are designed. Organizations may take the services of management consultants for either gaining external advice or to access the consultants' specialized expertise.

As a result of their exposure and relationship with numerous organizations, consulting firms are aware of Industry's best practices, which they put into use for different organizations. Although due to the specific nature of situations in one organization the similar consultancy practices may not apply, so the Management consultants have to treat every organization differently, not offering the same set of solutions to all.

ARK in the area of Management Consultancy provides the following services –
• Organizational Change Management in terms of Teams,Individuals or complete Management structure
• Process analysis
• Technology implementation
• Strategy development or
• Operational improvement services

ARK often brings its own proprietary methodologies or frameworks for identification of the problems and to solve the same in an effective and efficient way.
The other areas of Consulting may include-
• Strategic management
• Operations management
• Project Management
• HR Planning and Payroll Management.
• Internal Controls Management
• Profit Centre Management
• Cost Centre Management

Our work ethics:Transparency with Confidentiality.

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