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Pricing is the process of determining the cost the company intends to receive for its products and services. Pricing is a fundamental aspect of financial model and is one of the four P's of the marketing mix ,the other three aspects been product, promotion, and place. Price is the only revenue generating element amongst the four Ps and thus it is all the more important that the company or the organization formulates the most ideal Pricing for its products in order to achieve maximum revenue generation .

Since the process needs a lot of research and market study it requires professional assistance and need to hire the services of a professional consultant who undertakes the complete process for them and achieve the most ideal Pricing . ARK provides excellent consultancy services in this field to its clients who intend to have the most competitive Pricing for its products.

ARK ,with the aim of achieving the best Pricing for its clients undertakes extensive research to study all the Pricing factors like-

• Manufacturing cost
• Market place
• Competition
• Market condition
• Brand
• Quality of product
• Type of Distribution channel used
• Type of promotions used

By formulating an ideal Pricing policy for their clients the team of experts at ARK is able to assist their clients in the many ways and they are able to-

• Achieve their financial goals by achieving the profitability
• Understand the market and its customers
• Understand the Product's positioning and the other variables in the marketing mix.

Our work ethics:Transparency with Confidentiality.

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