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As per the established norms the company seeking Financial Assistance for Implementation of its Business idea is required to prepare a Detailed Project Report Development Service for Funding Purpose. DPR is a very useful document for all stakeholders as it is an exercise to document technically and financially the unit is expected to perform with a given set of assumptions.

ARK provides its valuable guidance and support and helps its clients in preparing such a Report taking into consideration all important aspects of the Project which are listed below-
• Promoters background/experience.
• Product with capacity to be built up and processes involved.
• Project location.
• Cost of the Project (CoP) and Means of financing (MoF) thereof.
• Availability of utilities.
• Technical arrangements.
• Market Prospects and Selling arrangements.
• Environmental aspects.
• Profitability projections and Cash flows for the entire repayment period of financial assistance.
• Investor Guidance Inputs.
ARK also does a complete Management Evaluation for the same which includes the study of the following-
• Memorandum and Articles of Association : Main Objects Clause, Authorised and Paid-up Share Capital, Promoter's Contribution, Borrowing powers, List of Directors on the Board, etc.
• Corporate plan of the Company, Projects promoted/implemented/under implementation, Bankers' report on dealings and Repayment of past loan assistance, Details of Group companies with their Operations, Balance sheet and Profit & loss account of Associate Companies.
• Promoters: Educational background, Previous Industrial experience, Family background, Sources of income, details of Personal Properties, Banker's reference, Income tax returns, Net wealth statements.
• Management and Organisation set-up : Broad composition of the Board, details of full time Directors and their responsibilities, details of Chief executive and Functional Executives including their qualification, experience, organisational set-up for existing company and during project implementation for new company.
ARK also undertakes a detailed study in order to include the following areas in Project Report Development Service for Funding Purpose ;-
• Technical Feasibility.
• Environmental Aspects.
• Commercial Viability.
• Financial Appraisal.
• Economic Viability.

For Project Financing through Debt (specifically loan from Banks and FI's), a DPR is a basic and the most important document that must be presented to the prospective lender at the time of filing an application for loan. From the point of view of a lender, a Project Report is a very decisive document as it forms the basis for him to decide whether he shall engage his funds in that particular project or not. A well documented and properly formulated DPR is rather useful for all stakeholders which not only includes lenders, shareholders, Rating Agencies but also the executives managing the project.

ARK plays an extremely important and professional role in guiding and assisting its clients while DPR is being documented. The complete and exhaustive knowledge of Banking, Budgeting, Market Scenario, Financial Management, Taxation both Direct and Indirect is essential while Detailed Project Report is being formulated.

Our work ethics:Transparency with Confidentiality.

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